Cremation Services

Cremation Services

Since cremation, much like burial and entombment, is only considered a form of final disposition for the remains of a loved one, there must be a series of options a family either chooses or forgoes while making arrangements. Some of these options include the following: 

  1. Traditional Funeral Service with Cremation. This service option includes the preparation and execution of a funeral service which typically includes embalming, visitation, church service/memorial, and ends with cremation instead of burial. The cremated remains are then placed into one or many dignified receptacles called 'urns' either for the family's possession or for scattering, burial, or plotting in a niche/columbarium.
  2. Memorial with Cremation. This service option includes the timely cremation of a loved one and a subsequent memorial celebration (i.e., a funeral service without the body present).  
  3. Direct Cremation. This service option includes the cremation of a loved one without a funeral service or memorial. The remains may be placed in urns and the urn(s) may be buried, kept in a personal setting such as a home, entombed, scattered, plotted, etc.  

We hope that the aforementioned descriptions make your decisions regarding cremation much clearer and easier. On another note, it is important to remember that cremation does not limit one's ability to celebrate the life of a loved one in the utmost dignified manner. Thus, cremation is not the end-all-be-all type of disposition wherein a loved one is merely cremated and forgotten about. Let us help you through one of the most difficult times in your life by celebrating, commemorating, and mourning the life of a loved one who has chosen to be cremated.       

For a detailed list of prices for these services and all cremation products, please call (541) 386-1000 or (541) 296-2600, or visit us at either of our locations. If either means of contact does not suffice, we can also be reached at

Visit the Cremation Association of North America website to find information about the cremation process, the history of cremation, as well as a general description of what cremation is and what it entails.   
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